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Anyway, it's spring

It's spring, time for graduation here in Japan.
According a questionnaire survey in Japan, the most popular job for graduating college students is a public servant. In Japan, this capitalism country, the young want to be a public servant. Is this a world trend? I want ask my friends in other country if I have a chance.
Well, if the young has a strong wish to change this shrinking country to be better as a civil servant, it would bring bright expectation. But unfortunately, it may not be so.

Here is another survey which is titled "The popular company ranking for college students" Major trading companies, famous insurance companies, mega banks and major electric makers are lined up on the top ten list. Actually, the line up is almost same to the one of my college days. Yet there is a slight difference in a favor from time to time. "The financial stability" is now the first priority for choosing a company besides "Higher salary" and "Major name" in my youth. "If you must rely on someone, rely on someone powerful" "If I enter the major company, I would get to a retiring age without bankruptcy or layoff" I wonder if it might be a reason they like it.
So why they want to be a civil servant can be a similar reason. It's not from the ambitious "We'll rebuild Japan!" as a super hero but from choosing easier way "No bankruptcy for a civil servant"
However in the long long recession the financial stability is now becoming an illusion. No assurance to survive even for major companies. No assurance for being eliminated from the layoff list. On the other hand, Japanese government announced they reduced some fifty percent of new public servants in the future. Actually, many civil workers work on short term contract. After all, there is no promised job.

I'll give you a next result of questionnaire. It's for new adults in Japan. 80% of them said "Japan's future is quite pessimistic", and also 80% of them answered "We change this country"
Now recap the story. Japanese youth worries about future. So they declare "This is not good. We change it to better way!" But they have to make a living, survive. So they get more stable job in conservative way. Keeping silence. Then the time will be passed, they remember the declaration in their youth. However they will be too old to make an action for it. Maybe the other guys even wouldn't remember the declaration itself and dipped into everyday life. After all, Japan won't be changed forever. This country could be even worse or sink down someday.

"Keeping silence is the best way to make a process peaceably for every matter" This idea has been in Japanese mind for long time. "So how about you? How's your student days?" They might ask me. I would answer "I have no policy at all. Nuts" Yet the economic bubble forgive us. Now facing severe reality we have to pay for it. The young generation has to pay for it too. It's not their fault. That's why they are poor.
However when you look around the world, in "The spring of Arab" "The huge demonstration for pension system or better rights for young trainee workers in France" "Protestant in US", the young generation express their opinion and make an action. Compare to that Japanese youth is ...

Recently I met three Japanese college students during Shanghai stay.
One of them were in the last year of collage. He already got an assurance of employment on graduation. In this economic depression, he got job. It's sure he's happy. He'll get start his new life as a employee of big company from this April.
The other girl studied at Chinese language course of the college in Shanghai. The relationship to China would be more important. So she would be key person to work for both country or even greater Asia.
And here's one more graduating student, she was going to graduate school in Germany. She had looked for job for long time. But unfortunately, she couldn't make it. Finally, she decided to go to Germany. In the aftershock of the earthquake she worried about the future. She told me she wanted live in there rest of her life. I could feel it very well.
All the answers are correct. The important thing is doing what you want to do or have to do now. The life never go as you image. So don't look ahead too much. I'll give them yell.

20% of college students still have no job contract, although it's spring, anyway.

Mar. 2012

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