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I had thought Israeli people was who had come from over the world under the name of Israel, pledged loyalty to the nation, and were one of the most religious people in the world.

However it didn't seems like that.
The people came from diverse countries to new settlements were typical new family whom you could see every where on the globe. Especially, young people were not so religious and not interested in politics. Same for military service, most of them told it was a stressful.

On the other hand, Mahane Yahuda Area of Jerusalem was an old Jewish quarter which had more than handled year history. As being guided the area, I was a little bit surprised. Cause residents were unlike the people of new settlements nor shopping malls. They were very modest and conserve their traditional life style along Jewdaism. In the synagogue, Jewish hats and coats were neatly lined on the wall. The figures of the young reading scripture was quite impressive to me.

So the new generation and the conservative, do they understand each other in Israel? It doesn't seems like so. Well, it might be same as any counties in the world. Then I come to the conclusion Israeli people aren't simple but mosaic who have various backgrounds and thoughts.

However only one thing which I can't connect the image each other in my mind is the Israeli people I actually met and the image of bombing Gaza strip. So whose will is that, after all? It must be the somebody out of Israel. The people who get profit from the military action, I guess. And it hardly believe the military action becomes a benefit for ordinary citizen of Israel.

So I have to think three factors, Israeli people, Jewdaism and Israeli nation, separately. That's my answer after the visit.
All Israeli or Jewish are merciless people who attack the Palestine territory. This is wrong.
As for the same, All Palestine or Muslim are dangerous people who do a terrorism. This is wrong too.
People often misunderstand with that point. And if you do, this world would become unpleasant one.

Nov. 2011

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" Lined robes on the synagogue wall " Jerusalem 2010

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