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Wall of the 21st century vol.3

Some people call the wall "Apartheid Wall". The others say it's intolerable behavior by Israel. Although it built in wrong place, statement of Israeli government "It's a security wall" is true. There is no logical gap in the flow-chart "Avoid a suicide bombing - Make a security wall"
The problem is not constructing the wall itself but a negotiation process which is ended up building the wall. There were many choices for the reconcile between Israel and Palestine in the past. Even so, by the several wrong choices it's still far away to the goal.

"Love and peace" is easily appealed even by kids. But unfortunately, reality is not such simple. Friction could be happen among the people who have different back grounds or religions. But through that they have to search a point of agreement. That's a society of grown-up.
History of this area means history of retaliation between Jewish and Palestinian. Their emotional feeling would be more profound than I, the third person, image.
However, which made the conflict in the local area to such a global issue must be a nation, a government or a political party. It means Israel, US or Britain. And maybe PLO, Palestinian government or Hamas is also one of them.
And which is happen here became a cause of 9.11 and other terrorism and conflict over the world.
Recently, Palestinian nation was applied in the UN and rejected. Palestine government might thought being a nation and standing on a same status as Israel was best way to solve the conflict. Although the request was rejected, the fact broadcast over the world. Then Israel make another retaliation ... This area has repeated same things for long time.

What I thought with shuttling both side of the wall is like this. "If a wish of the people living in each side of the wall is the same while the governments face against each other?" It is "living peacefully" Israeli people are shivering with a horror of terrorism, always guarded by armed soldier meanwhile Palestinian people are always watched by Israeli soldiers, make a long line on the check point every day. Some are packed up in the refugee camp. Do the people really believe that a nation is only thing which can solve all the problem?

We live in the internet age. Everybody uses SNS. On the ether side of the wall, people openly change thousands of messages everyday. So if they understand the language, they can talk over the wall. By excellent mass media, they can easily get to know what the other people are appealing on the other side. It's the biggest difference between the wall here and the Berlin's in 20th century.
When you look out side of the window, the people whom you should talk to is just over there. Despite of that, the relationship between both people is all depend on the nation's. It's really sad.

Nov. 2011

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" I see Har Homa through the window " Bethlehem, West Bank PT 2010

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