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After the rain

John Coltrane's "After the rain" is my favorite jazz number. Although Coltrane devoted himself into the free jazz in his later years, "After the rain" was very beautiful and lyrical piece.

In the meantime, when I looked back at my works, I found many photos which are titled "After the rain".
Maybe I like the air after rain. People take shelter during the rain. So do I. I must stop by some where for keeping away my camera from wet. Before long rain drops on the puddle have gone. The city gets the life back. I start walking again too. Although the world makes progress, our life depends on nature.

The atmosphere of after rain was various in each regional climate. For instance, it turns extremely sticky hot after the tropical shower or really cold with passing a cold front. However the image of after rain has something in common. The rain cleanses all the dust. Everything is refreshed. It's a quite optimistic feeling to restart and step forward. Even people's face which has depressed during the rain turns into the blight one. Their figures reflecting on the puddle is apparently different from before.

Coltrane's "After the rain" describes it very well.

Jun. 2010

Today's piece
" After the rain " Linxia, Gansu province, China 2008

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