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Long way to the snack

I'll tell you about Cuba. It's a story, long long time ago as usual.

You could get shock with visiting Cuba if you spend highly consuming life in your country. Of course, it comes from lack of products. "The products are far away from consumer" It's one of the strongest impression I got in Cuba.

So what's the good example? Yes, a candy store for instance. I found a card board which was written "snack" on it in front of the store. Generally, security steel bars were placed on the glassless window. "So where is the snack?" I looked into the house. Contrary to blight outside, it's dim inside. I found a show case on the end of the room. It's so far away. Just a package of snack was left in the show case. You need binoculars to make sure what the snack is. I'm not joking.

I often saw a long waiting line too. People made the longest one for waiting to be served at "Coppelia (Ice-cream parlor)" in the park. Shopping centers were newly opened in the city of Havana and it's increasing the number. Usually, shoppers made a waiting line long before the opening time. They looked into the interior as if couldn't make patience anymore.
So you must think thousands of items are waiting for them in the store. Unfortunately it wasn't. Maybe it's in a same situation as the candy store. Items were lined up in incredibly sparse.
"I wanna get the favorite item today" or "It must come up new item"
The long waiting line in front of the shopping center meant strong wish of the people.

I don't like the excessive consumption. But even for me, the economic situation of Cuba was pity enough. And I thought the little bit mercy should be given to the Cuban economy in those days.

After 12 years, is the economic situation turned better now? When I think like that, my Cuban fever is flamed again.

Aug. 2009

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"Shopping center" Havana , Cuba 1998

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