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His voice flew into the oasis

"Face" is one of the most important factors in my photo works. I must see the strange features I'd never seen as visiting Kashgar in Xinjiang region, China. I was quite sure for that even before the visit. The people whom I actually saw in kashgar had diverse features as I had expected. So I was so happy.

However to tell the truth, I was frightened when I saw his face on the bridge. I felt something like "I should not stare him" He begged on the bridge. The old woman next to him was begging the change too. (I'm not sure but she must be his mother.) But for him, he wasn't a beggar in exact because he played the tambourine and sang with almost toothless mouth. He performed the songs (I'm not sure it's a folk song or his improvisation) in strong voice which sounded like squeezing out from the throat.
Before long, it became my routine standing beside him and listening the song. I learned on the fence of the bridge and looked over the scenery. The early autumn sunshine was reflecting on the surface of the stream below my eyes. His songs melted into the scenery of oasis. After listening the music, I put small change in the paper box.

Shortly, I had been inspired on him. "He hits the tambourine because he can use the hands. He sings because he has voice. And he makes living with it" Maybe I was knocked out by his straight ahead attitude toward the life. It's very hard to live in this world. Life must be a series of distress. But he is so buoyant as if he had never thought about it.
As soon as finishing the performance, he checked the box in front of him. He measured bill by hand touch. (I think he was blind too.) Then he looked being so disappointed when the bill was in small amount.

Before he met accident in off luck, what kind of face he had? He might had two faces. Old face and current face. Somehow the more I imagine his old face, the more I felt dignity on his current face which was strongly living in this world.

Nov. 2006

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"Street musician" Kashgar, Xinjiang region, China 2006

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