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La couturiere

Someone said that the photo looked like an impressionist's painting. I myself found some resemblances to Vermeer's paintings in composition. On the other hand, it had similarity for a scene in Wong Kar-wai's movies. Maybe it came from the vivid colors in dark tone. I think all the impressions are correct.

"La couturiere" was shot at old town of Kashgar in Xinjiang region, China. Late afternoon, the atelier of the dress maker was softly lighten up by the autumn sunshine from the woody flamed glass window. The scene looked too beautiful for coincidentally given. I called it "the gift from a god"
However I couldn't count on the gift all the time. So I made some direction in case of "La couturier". The woman in the photo was neither an actress nor professional model. However she acted the heroine very well.

As you know, tracing the real is not everything of photo expression.
In the mean time, the definition "Photo= Still image" becomes so skeptical with development of digital technology. In near future, the border between the photo and movie will be removed while the line between photo and painting is fading on the other side. The art will be more crossover and seamless.

If you persist on the stiff definition of traditional photography too much and start your logic from the hard wear, you must reach to the dead end shortly.
I think you must think in opposite way. Having the imagination and creativity must be first priority. Then, nowadays, thousands of ways for realizing it must be shown in front of you very easily. Photo, movie or painting, which category it belongs to does not matter at all.

The real world is so tough to me. However when I thinking of the diversity of art expression, I feel I'm very lucky living in this very epoch.

Nov. 2006

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"La couturiere" Kashgar, Xinjiang region, China 2006

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