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Bungee jump cafe

At the west end of Manhattan, piers of the Hudson river along by the West street, many new trial restaurants or cafes came and went. It amused me a lot. One of the most impressive for me was the bungee jump cafe.

The small cage was hanged on the top of the some tens meter high crane. And the guests could dive from the cage to direct into the Hudson river. No, actually, they never got into the river. Inches before to the river face, they had to say "Bye Bye" to The Hudson.
The guests at the table also enjoyed the dynamic scene. This must be the strong point of the cafe.

The brave goes to the cage. The timid goes to the table. Even if I'm called "Chicken", I definitely go to the table. As it's easy to guess, the week point of this cafe was hardly being relaxed.

Making conversation over the table, It's hard to concentrate on the talk. Our attention tended to be attracted on the bungee bug who was bouncing up and down behind us. The conversation was interrupted by the screaming. Think about it. Bungee jump and eating have an opposite vector. In exact, the one is the putting the food into the mouth beside reversing for the other.

I'm not sure the owner thought in same way. The bungee jump cafe was shortly replaced to the Amazon cafe with tropical rain forest.

Sep. 2006

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"Bungee jump cafe" NYC, New York, USA 1992

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