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Hebron vol.2

The shop owner made me sit at a table and came back with towel for my camera. "Annoying kids uh? Are you OK? Sorry about that, Mr." He murmured in front of me who was cleaning the coffee smelled camera.
I cannot say all kids here like him. But maybe children who are grown in depressed situation, always being watched by Israeli soldiers and restricted freedom, can get bad influence more or less from it. It's an example the conflicts in the world of grown up seriously effect on the character building of the kids.

"Bright future for every child!" "Make children happy!" Politicians intense it whereas they themselves make a cause of the conflict or take an economic policy which make people fall into poor. However think about it once again. How kids can be happy in the world grown ups agony in unhappiness? If you want to raise the child wholesomely, you must make the world the parent don't adrift.

When I hadad finished this column all the way, I got a news. The US president D.Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The propose is stepping forward the stagnated Israel-Palestine peace process. It's said the US continue to be a neutral stand and assist the peace process between both countries.

Certainly, the process is stagnated. But recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital solve the problem? If that is syllogism, it misses very important part. Above all, The US has been on Israel side at any time in history.
If the US moves the embassy to the Jerusalem as the front line of the issue between two countries for reconcile, it must be logical. But once the US recognize Jerusalem as a capital of Israel, it means the US declare they are not on neutral position by itself. How do you think?

I often get question something like. "Where is your favorite place you've ever visit?" It's hard to answer. Cos I have lot of places which I like. However the meaningful places for me to visit are not so many.
Jerusalem and the West Bank is one of them. Firstly because, I can see the conflicts in the world is concentrated on this very area. Secondly, I know the threat is always given by the super powers, and the ordinary citizen is always victim of them. No matter who Israeli or Palestine, people are annoying.

Dec. 2017

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" Cubism " Hebron, West Bank, PT 2010

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