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Why do people run?

I started the brand new year with a little bit bad luck. I slipped on the stairs in swimming pool and fell down on my back. I got whiplash on my neck and my chronic frozen shoulder got worse. Yeah, I could swim fortunately. But I felt wrong feeling on the jaw joint when I breath for the crawl. It's a slight change, although I got nervous on that. As a result swimming pace was slowed down. One component was broken then I lost whole balance. A negative chain reaction.

We tend to be more careless for the everyday behavior. I had not slipped down even on the snowy road in Hokkaido (northern Japan) last winter. I might be so much careful of the walking there.
To the contrary, what I was surprised in Hokkaido is local people run on the slippery road. When I was walking narrow snowy pavement, I heard hard breath was quickly approaching behind me. A young man was running toward me. So I stepped off and give the way to him. He was passing by in full speed. 'Oh, local people knows how to run on the icy road. A master of snow country ...' No sooner I thought so, he slipped and fell on the snowy path several meters ahead.
Meanwhile at the entrance of Sapporo station, a man in business suit who's running to catch up train slipped on the icy road. "Oh my .... no way!"
A person who live in little snow area like me wonder why they runs on such a slippery road. Well, because snowy road is daily circumstances in winter for the local people, I guess. Certainly we have urgent situation gotta run in everyday life.

Hokkaido has a heavy snow this winter. Centrally to that they had the little last year. A tip I learned from my short stay in Hokkaido was the most slippery condition was not snowing time. It's when once the snow melt during day time then freeze again and slightly covered with new snow.
One more thing I heard on the news later. In Hokkaido many people were taken to a hospital by injured on the snowy streets every year. After all, there is no royal road or master for the life in snow.

So if you don't want to slip down, get whiplash on your neck, injury on your shoulder, wrong feel on the jaw and loose whole balance of your body, touch down your lifting foot carefully on the slippery ground.

Jan. 2017

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" Running in haste on icy road " Hokkaido, Japan 2016

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