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November for the Reds

Sorry for writing monologue about my favorite soccer club at this time of the year. Urawa Reds' final game in 2016 J.league season was unfortunately draw, although the Reds got the 1st. place at through the year ranking. I enjoyed Urawa's soccer this season. Actual J.league season has not finished yet, coz the league is going into Champion Ship Tournament (Play off). The top 3 clubs of trough the year ranking will match up in the knock out stage and decide the champion. Quite weird system. Oh, last year I came by the championship game, nevertheless Reds lost the important match. I swore I would never come to see the championship games. The season's over. 2016 J. League Champion is Urawa Reds...in my mind.

November of 2016 must be the month for the Reds. Another Reds is Republican Party in the US presidential election. 25 years ago when I was in New York, there were golden colored building on the 5th ave. People pointed the owner of the building, billionaire Donald Trump and said "I don't wanna be such billionaire" with jealous and cynicism. Who pictured the man would become the president of United States later?

The US presidential election was widely,or even excessively, covered by Japanese media too. US media's analysis that Clinton was leading in the race was the followed by the Japanese. They picked up a tip of Trump's speech and criticized "If Trump win, both Japan and the world will be worse" Even ordinary Japanese who hadn't known the name of Trump just a couple of month before started talking about the presidential election and talked as if Clinton's lose means the end of the world.
On the day of voting, Japanese public TV NHK spent a whole day for the live report of counting. Which country's public broadcast NHK is? Use same amount of energy for the domestic journalism which is based on their own investigation, not a copy of other media!
As the ballot counting was going on, NIKKEI stock average lost near 6% then fully recovered on the next day dealing. As a result Japanese stock market got bigger effect by the presidential election than the Europe or Shanghai even The US itself.
The ballots was opened and Trump won. A Japan's journalist shove his head as ashamed his misread on Clinton's win. Isn't the behavior itself ashamed as professional journalist? Commentators made excuse "The number of hidden Trump supporters were beyond the expectation"Hidden Supporters? It's insult for the all voter in US.
Therefore it's not so big surprise for Japanese people that the Prime Minister Abe visited the unexpected next president with a gift of celebration before anybody else. Japan's PM visited Trump to his personal residence on the 5th Ave. not to the White House with brand-new golf club. The official inauguration is January 2017. The bouquet should be presented on the stage. Taking a petit cadeau to the back stage is disgraceful as Prime Minister. How do you think?

"So you think Trump's win is a good result for the US?" May ask me. I dunno. I'm not a US citizen. I don't know the carrier of both candidates in detail or their manifests. They never changed my life in Japan by their politics. But the US is the country that counter power can express their opinion. The issue of the Trump politics will be corrected from time to time. In history the US made decision as swinging one side to the other and will be same in the future. It isn't a matter Japanese worry about. Maybe we should just watch it and accept reality.
"Doing diplomacy taking a panoramic perspective of the world map" is the PM Abe's words I remember. Unfortunately I cannot find any words like "Doing diplomacy taking street view of the 5th Ave." in his speeches.

Please note there is no relationship my loved soccer club and US presidential election.

Nov. 2016

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