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The color of snow cloud

I'm not good with cold weather. I want to move to the south for skipping winter like a migratory bird if it's possible. However on the other hand, I do have some curiosity to the winter in the north. Finally I decided to experience it, of course just tip of it. This is the first visit to Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, in a half century of my life.

I spent several days in Otaru city. No one would walk about the antique city in such cold weather. I thought so. But contrary to the expectations, The city was busy with foreign tourists. The local train was filled with skiers and snowboarders of diverse nationalities. Now there is no off-season for Japan's tourist spot.

As escaping from the crowd to the suburb, there was no tourists any more. Only fisherman was maintained a fishing net at snowy local port. "A winter in the north must be covered by ice and snow. There would not be feels of life there. All mono-tone world" My stereotype was wrong. Seagulls and crows flew over the port freely. Quiet and peaceful wild nature. Colorful banners on the fishing boat, fishing floats ... all the colors are stand out in the reflection of the white snow. What a colorful world!
And more over, the most impressive thing I saw was a color of snow clouds. Quickly changing gray cloud was blended with sun light and made a beautiful gradation. I will never forget the color. The local people knew how beautiful it was. So they brought their camera and take a snap shot as taking a dog walks. I could come to icy Hokkaido just for watching the snow clouds.

The weather could be quickly changed. Once the clouds brought a snow storm, it's easily white outed. There was no sunny all the day during my stay. The scenery, weather and light was so changeable in every minute. Sunshine, scattering sky, powdery snow and blizzard ... I'm full.
By the way, I made mind never saying "It's cold" on the second day of my travel. Coz it's so usual that it sounds quite nonsense.

Feb. 2016

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" Snow clouds " Hokkaido, Japan 2016

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