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Japan Sea coast

In the middle of Kanto plain, to the north of Tokyo, it's the place where I was born and raised. That's why I always longed for Pacific Ocean reflecting in the summer sunshine. I visited almost every cape, bay or city on the Pacific Ocean coast of Japan's main island in my youth.
Meanwhile, my image for Japan Sea coast was quite sober compare to the colorful image of bikinis and sun tan oil on Pacific beach. Black-tailed gulls are squeaking over the swell. A heart-broken woman is gazing the stormy sea through the train window. Who made up the lonely image on Japan Sea?

However at some point in my history, the coast line of Japan Sea turned into the favorite. Maybe after I got my car. I noticed that all the negative image on the Japan Sea had been just stereotype.
Then the turn over by Japan Sea coast began. Eventually I visited from the Cape of Tappi on the North east end to the dunes of Tottori in the South west.
Most of the things which you can see on Pacific coast are also on Japan Sea coast. Sandy beaches, blue ocean, fishing ports, modern cities, antique cites, dunes, and so on. There were no mega industrial complex like Pacific coast. So you can drive on real seaside road and may feel the ocean so close. Once my car was hit by splash of high wave. At Oga peninsula, Akita prefecture, it was in typhoon approaching September. Meanwhile the things you can experienced only on Japan Sea coast, it's a setting sun into the horizon.

Summer has come. I come to Japan Sea coast beach in Nigata this year too. After swim, I drive on sea side. The sea is all calm to the sun set horizon. Is the sea in August such mild? From time to time, I go through a small town. The houses have black roof tiles and wood board walls. I like the solid feel of the group of traditional woody houses. How many times I stopped my car to be attracted by the scene.
When I was kid, I used to live in the old woody house like this. Although it's much smaller than this.
Old woody houses in Ukraine are also impressive to me. The wall board pattern was quite different from the Japanese. I think each style roots in each cultural climate. So this style, the combination the wide boards and vertical beams must be Japanese style. Watching well maintained houses, I thought there still be craftsmen to care about here in Nigata .

"Konnichi-wa(Hello)" An old lady on the bike passes by.
"Drive safely! We are looking forward to see you in next summer too" B&B's hosts bow the guest in the car with Tokyo licence plate.
"OK, Let's go!" Grandpa, mom and daughter take a dog for a walk.
Sea gulls are squeaking over the beach and cicadas are singing in the woods. Japanese summer scene.
So how's winter scene here? One day in November, snow clouds covers the town and change the all scene to monotone? I want to see the first day of winter. After all, my taste change to the grown-up. I noticed.

Aug. 2015

Today's piece
" Japan Sea and a wooden house" Nigata, Japan 2015

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