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Growing Asia

"Hubble-Bubble", my photo exhibition , was ended. And I renewed Asia Gallery in this museum. Then I found. 300 photos? Wow, the Asia section's grown too much. Nevertheless, after the quick rearrangement, I left for another Asian country, Bangladesh. It's a month ago.

A reason being too much weighted on Asia is a limited budget on my travel which comes from weak JP Yen. My destination's ended up in short distance recently.
And here is another reason. I wanted to know the consecutive streams of culture, anthropology or linguistics, all through Asia intensively. Now I visited the last piece, Bangladesh. Asia was connected all the way from Japan to Iran, at least in my mind.

It took ten years to accomplish the Asia Gallery. Well, buying a round the glove air ticket, spending a whole year and traveling around the world in my youth, that could have been a short cut to make a project without breaks. In the good old days, the world must be more peaceful than now, I could visit mountains of Pakistan, antique desert oasis of Yemen or a mosque of mud in Mali.

However it's not so bad visiting strange land with camera once every year or two. I'm getting older for each trip. My thought is changing. Equipment and my photo style is changing. Of course world affairs are changing. Sometime a tiny sign that I found becomes a big issue in the world news later. My door has been always opened to the free world. I wish the door won't be closed by thoughtless diplomacy of politician.

Just like the Asia gallery, I believe now Asia is the most vigorous and growing area in the world. I strongly felt it. Looking back for longer period, I visited the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe too. Even compare to those counties, Asia is much hotter. In the travel, I have more chances to see Asian tourist than before. Well, there are people envy the booming economy of growing neighbors. But I don't think so. Moreover I'm very happy to see our Asia getting lively.

Feb. 2015

Today's piece
" Rickshaw a Go Go " Dhaka, Bangladesh 2015

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