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Iron gate

For Palestinian people, the world is ended up with a concrete wall. They live surrounded by the tall wall and watched from monitor boards. We should keep in mind there are people who are violated human rights both in Gaza and the West Bank.
Have a close look at the picture. You can see an iron gate beside the monitoring post. It's an emergency gate where the Israeli tanks coming into when they catch a sign of suspicious movements in Palestinian territory. This iron gate is much heavier pressure to me in the West Bank. I'm so scare with imaging one day the gate will be opened and Israeli tanks and soldiers coming in. It's ironic being afraid to be opened the gate despite living in the closed world. I'm not sure Palestinian people feels same to me, but maybe.

Recently, Japanese Prime Minister express changing the constitutional interpretation. Using the indirect expression "Defense equipment's relocation" now Japan's cabinet decided selling the military parts to the allied nations, although the assembled weapon would be used to the depressing the people living in the concrete cage. Japanese government will do it for a cheap stimulation for domestic economy.
The iron gate on the wall looks like symbol of "Proactive Contribution to Peace" that Japan's PM Abe often emphasizes. "We've defended with wall and security post so far. But from now on, we settles an iron gate for a tank (or Drone) which is standing by all the time.
I was scared of the existence of the gate. Which means the iron gate is quite effective. However who can call it "Pacifism"? If we regard it as pacifism, all the threat, trampling, invasion or war would be justified as a proactive contribution to peace.

For Israel early warning and attack is "must" for securing the peace of the nation. But for Palestinian, it's hardly called a peace. Fear after fear, day after day. Restricted human rights. Once they rise against Israel, they are called "terrorists" and aimed at.
Their fear will turn into hatred. Palestine retaliate against Israel. Israel retaliate against it. Then we noticed it isn't peace but war. I think world leaders do know no peace will be waiting at the end of "Proactive Contribution to Peace" So what make 'em heading for?

Jul. 2014

Today's piece
" Iron gate on the wall " Beit Jala, West Bank, PT 2010

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