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Hubble - Bubble vol.3

I had only 12 days for Iran and had already spent nine days. I headed to the last destination, must be, Esfahan. To tell the truth, I had not expected so much for the city. Because Esfahan is a famous tourist spot. The people's real face would be hide behind the tight guard in busy city. However my expectation turned into a good result. It's a tourist place, although Esfahan looked cozy to live. Some how it looked like Paris. That's my impression. What's the point in common. Historical architectures and lawn yards? Benches in the park? Bridges crossed over Zayandeh River? A tree-lined Boulevard? Or people who enjoyed evening walk? Unfortunately the river was dried up in the season. Oh, it's a big difference from the Seine.

However the most impressive thing for me was the liberal air of the city. Yeah, big city's always liberal. But Esfahan had sophisticated and artistic air even compare to Tehran. It meant people in the city was sophisticated and open minded. So if you had stereotype of conservative Iran, you might feel some gap.
After all as a portrait photographer, Esfahan was my place. But all time I have in the city was only 24hours. Oh, I should had to be here at first. Eventually I left Esfahan with full regret.

I came back to Tehran. Some how I wanted to stop by the Chaykhaneh once again before I leave Iran. When I was walking from the nearest metro station, a man lean on the motorbike asked me taking his picture. I was often suggested "Don't bring a camera with you in the night time for security" Nevertheless I did hung the camera from the neck. It's my habit. But for that I could meet interesting subject like him. I took his portrait. Potbelly, strict face, very cool. I had never seen this type during the travel.

I got to the chaykhaneh. A waiter remembered my face and welcomed me. The slight difference to last time was that the shop was not full and quiet. He said it's usual on weekday. Because no football games were held. However the waiter in European soccer club uniform, another one to last time, were coming and going among the tables and serving chai and charcoal for the hubble-bubble.
I looked back the travel over a glass of chai. Apparently 12 days was not enough for the travel. Iran was much bigger than I had expected. A couple from north Europe told me they got a month off for Iran. Young guys from east Europe were hitchhiking and camping with 30day visa. Now they were applying visa extension. For travelling around Iran, maybe I need at least a month.
I glanced facing tables. The water in uniform was talking to a customer. Business smile had gone. I thought I saw the daily life of Iran on his face. I liked the moment,indeed.

Last three issues "Hubble-Bubble" linked to the same titled photo work on this site in time line. I hope it becomes some help for your understanding.

Feb. 2014

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" Hubble-Bubble " Tehran, Iran 2013

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