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Hejab is gradually sliding back vol.1

I used be nervous when I visited foreign countries. Because there were totally different world which I lived usually. More over, taking portrait there made my heart flutter.

However time passed, the world has changed. Especially Internet brought us a big change. The people over the world got possessing a common value. A fashion got a simultaneity . On the top of 3000 meter altitude mountain in China, girls are singing with the music from their cell phones. A young monk of Tibetan Buddhism temple typing message quickly on his mobile in a short break of training. At a Muslim bazaar people are checking their mobile phone beside a street musician's singing. The scenery on the planet is standardized. It's boring? No, never. I'm so appreciated.

Nowadays I don't need explaining every thing from zero. I can get into a conversation without preface "You have Facebook account?" "Tell me your mail address""My smart phone is ..." I don't need describe what's the Facebook, e-mail or smart phone wherever I go in the world.
Mean while I myself have changed. I got be brazen-faced as I got older. (Of course, it's from the experiences too) Now I can get into the photo shooting even in the first place for me. I don't change my photo shooting style at any place or country. Same for the approach toward the subjects. The side effect which I got from it is patterning. I worry about. Well, I'll tell you about it in another chance.

It's a same for Iran, not so special to me. I thought I would photograph as usual. In Japan I heard bad rumors about Iran. "It's very dangerous" "You can not take a picture there" But I didn't think so.
Then, I knew there was ordinary life when I actually got to there. I started photographing. Before long I also found some facts. For example, it's said Iran has a very strict Muslim country. However the people is not so pious compare to other Muslim countries, the Arabs for instance. I knew more pious communities or countries.
However I felt that Iran has a strict social rule. Well, the Iran's politics base on the Muslim spirits. So as a result, you can say "Iran is pious county" Actually, I felt some tense air in daily life. It must be comes from the national policy.

Dec. 2013

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" Setar player " Yazd, Iran 2013

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