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Fumi Osada's Features Illustrated vol.4

I've presented my study of "features" in last tree issues. What I've written here is all based on my own research. Please understand I didn't mean Iran and Turkey is the root of human beings. However it's easy to describe transition of the face through the old continents when I look over it from the Iran. It's no doubt Iran is an important place to me.

Well, watching closely people's features with my theory, you can tell easily where the person's from. But unfortunately, it's not so simple.
I ask "If you are Irish?" A man answer"Hey, how did it come from? I'm from Greece"
I think the real world is more complicated than I expected.
However this must be true that the face is changing in perfect gradation with no border. So we often notice that the features of our neighbor include similar elements or parts to ourselves even if we fight each other. So what settle the border or conflict between them? It's human's ego.

Finally, I'll talk you some topic about the face of Iranian people.
I noticed one thing when I walked down the street in Iran. There were many young people who put the bandage on the nose. Most of them were women so I imagined about the injured nose "Iranian women look so gentle, although if they have another personality behind the mask. And fight each other ..." No, it must not. Or "The noble nose is quite delicate like a porcelain. So once they tumble and hit the face, it's easily injured" Iranian people's such a poor athlete?

As I imagined one thing to another, I got want to make sure the reason of the bandage. So I tried to ask them. I found two girls' talking on the park bench. One girl was the bandage. "Ah, excuse me ..." They've gone. If this heavy camera hanging from my neck makes me more scary?
I got next target, two girls sitting on the lawn, "Hi, The bandage on your nose is for what? You've got injured?" "......" No, they don't understand what I'm saying at all. As making failures, I got hesitating to ask about it. Then I left the question as it was.

However one day, when my travel schedule almost came to the end, I remember it. And I asked about it to the owner of my hotel. "I often see the young people who put the bandage on the nose. What's that?" "They make their nose smaller by a surgery. It's in fashion. Crazy people ... lol" I never think it's crazy. So after all, it's cosmetic surgery?
I couldn't hear the further detail about the surgery. Of course the owner himself didn't have the experience. Whether the young shave the born to shorten the nose or reduce the volume of nose wings, I don't know. But it's undergoing. Oh, my lovely Iranian nose, that noble and flowing nose like Italian sports car ... they are trying to reform it. I think it's better to be hurry for collecting sample in my face study.

At the place people try to reform the nose smaller meanwhile at the other place on the planet people get the cosmetic surgery to have a long nose. I have nothing to say about it. It's a free world. But this is quite sure "Each person has each ideal beauty"

Nov. 2013

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" Portrait " Esfahan, Iran 2013

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