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No stamp please

"If you don't wanna Israel's immigration stamp on your passport, put your palms together and ask them 'Please. No stamp please" I got the advice when I had been visiting Israel from Jordan.
Once you get the stamp in the passport, it will be possible to be refused for entering some Muslim countries later on. So if you don't like it, just ask an immigration officer for stamping on another paper strip.
However in that time, I was quite optimistic for it. I thought if I ask them seriously then they would easily accept my request.

I lined for immigration at Allenbey (King Hussein) Bridge, border post of Israel. No smile on the middle aged male officer's face. Something like getting interview that I can not expect good result for. He asked me about expected travel duration , then checked every page in my passport.

Looked like the interview had done ... or not yet? I could not find it out. 'Any way I think this is the moment to say the lines'
" Ah, umm, No ... No stamp p ... Hey, wait, wait"
I put my hands together. But in the middle of the line, he stood up and disappeared in back room with my passport. I just kept standing there in vain. Shortly he came back without the passport. He found I was still standing and said. "What are you standing for?" Then he pointed out another corner of the hall saying "Go over there!"

'Was my immigration permitted? Or he meant I should go another room for extra-interview?' I didn't make sense. Anyway I crossed the hall and walked up to the direction he had pointed. There was nothing but vacant booth. I looked over the hall and found a group who was sitting on the bench. A officer was passing out something one after another. Looked like their passports were returned. 'Maybe I should wait there'

Thirty minutes had passed. Folks who pass the interview must had got to their hotel. 'If I was refused to enter Israel?' When I thought like that, my name was called. A female officer gave me the passport. It looked like that my immigration was permitted. I relieved.
Of course, the stamp was on the paper strip .... Oh! Thanks! It clearly stamped on the passport page. Then I lost chance for visiting some Muslim countries, Pakistan, Algeria or Iran for example.

Although I could cross the border, it's a shock to me. But, I thought on the way to Jerusalem, stamping's his job. He might sit there all the day for stamping on passport. He must get salary by stamping. How he can accept the absurd request stamping on a small paper strip? I feel him. If I were him, I would stamp on the passport page by full of my weight.

Through that I got to the conclusion. The theory what tourist who has ever visited Israel won't be permitted entering those countries is ridiculous.
Actually I visited the west bank in Palestinian territory. To get there I had to pass through Israeli passport control. No other choice.
More over, for the most of travellers of third country, visiting Israel or Muslim countries doesn't means anything more than curiosity that they want to touch with different cultures or people.

For the new year, I wish the world will one step advance to a peace. And I wish increasing number of border where people can come and go freely.

Jan. 2013

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