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Palestinian, Hassan is from called "Ramla" currently in Israel. 20km in-land from TelAviv of The Med coast. His family was taken their property by Israel, then little Hassan came to Jordan with his parents. Palestinian refugee. But they aren't minority in Jordan. Because 70% of the population is Palestinian.

One day, a tourist show him photos of the Ramla. She visited the town by chance. Although the scenery of Ramla is not exact same it used to be, Hassan found the familiar scenery in the photos. "Hassan, I think it's a privilege of tourist visiting Ramla and taking a picture of it" She shrugs, slightly smiles and tells Hassan who looking into every photo with interest and nostalgia.

Maybe all the Palestinian people in Jordan has the their home where they'll never return. Billboards in their language was replaced to the other language one. Their former play ground now turns to the other children's play ground. Their sweet home becomes the other people's sweet home. Even so, it must be better than an abandoned town where no one settle in. In the town, trace of ex-residents is just rusting out.

Their vestige is gradually fading.

Jan. 2012

Today's piece
" Rusting life " Al Khalil ( Hebron), West Bank PT 2010

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