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Book's fallin' from the cloud vol.1

"Everybody has a time intensely seeing movies once in a lifetime" I heard it and was slightly disappointed. Cause, I had seen many cinema DVD quite intensively for last couple of years. Then I stopped it suddenly. It means for me the period in a lifetime was over.

Instead of that, I have taken to read a book recently. If people have a time reading intensively in a lifetime, now is the time to me. And the reason why I got start reading was that e-book came into my life.
I had planned my e-book publishing for long time. So I got an e-book reader "amazon Kindle" for preparative study of my publishing. But once I got the Kindle, the only Japanese content shown on the devise was my own writings. No Japanese e-book. Finally, I got start searching English e-book. Then I have been into it.

I'm an extremely slow reader. Slow in Japanese so much slower in English. I've thrown away a bunch of paperbacks on the halfway of reading. As reading bit by bit, I completely lost the story line. Well, it's like a narrow path fading into the bush.
However I found that it's relatively easy to finish with e-book. There was no stress of thick papers, indicating in percentage instead of page number (being said "85%" is much more encourage me than just said "page325", for instance), having useful function of dictionary, I think those factors help my reading effectively.
Through that, gradually I learned how to read. I've read twelve titles this year. A book a month, good pace, I think. ( I have yearned for saying "My hobby is reading" since I was kid ) Meanwhile, Japanese paper book which I bought this year was only one.

For stirring up consumer's buying interest, American seller is genius. The price setting are well considered. Usually, a book is discounted as getting old. So you just wait if you like cheaper one. Same for the e-book. Most of paper book titles are now also available in e-book. Free sample is effective too. Looking up "relative title" on the site, book review site and my friend's recommendation, I download samples one after another. Then I have the most enjoyable time choosing a next title for actual reading.

So I want read Japanese title with e-book. However for e-book publishing, Japan lags huge behind the US.
The most excellent point of e-publishing in the US is placing emphasis on content's supply. To read Kindle e- book, you don't even need the Kindle device which I own. You can install free browser in your PC, the smart phone or i-Pad etc. and read e-book.
In contrast, a new medium ends up talking as a hardware matter in Japan. As going along government's guideline, Japanese people recently changed their TV set from the analog to digital HD. However we got no quality contents at all. Japanese must be the viewers who watch a shopping channel in the highest quality image. For similar example, People never talk about photo but latest model camera.

The e-publishing market has not been established in Japan. So now the young get start cutting leaves of book into pieces. Then they scan it and save the files in their e-book reader. Some how, it seems so poor. Will the dawn of e-book come to Japan before all paper books are cut into pieces? Readers cannot do anything for that. All depends on Japanese publishers' decision to change the fixed old system.

Oh . Am I talking about hardware too much? Sorry I'm gonna mention the contents in the next issue.

Nov. 2011

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