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First train, or last train

"The last train is followed by the first train" is normal. Although "The first train is followed by the last train" sounds like an emergency.

La Mancha region in Spain is famous for "Don Quijote" There are discount store chain in same name here in Japan. But of course I meant the Spanish literature by Servants.
And don't forget one more famous thing for the region, it's a windmill. I heard Campo de Criptana or Consuegra was the best places to see it. So I got 2 hour train trip from Madrid to Criptana. As always it's a story long time ago.

Criptan was such a small village hardly having hotel choice. After walking for 1km from a train station, I finally found, maybe, the only hotel in the village.
So where were the windmills? They were abandoned on the hill near the village. It may sounds ridiculous writing "abandoned" But actually it was.
Broken car, sofa frame, garbage, cattle's body .... all those things were left over the hill. The windmills were also left with the junks.

However all those things worked very well for making the air of "Big Country of La Mancha" indeed. If it were commercialized as a theme park and wax figure of Don Quijote and his servant Sancho Panza were placed in the museum of Don Quijote, I could hardly time slip to the medieval century atmosphere.

I thought I liked the slow life in the countryside of Spain. But at next moment I came to know that the country was really inconvenient. It's about train service.
When I checked out the train for going back to Madrid, the time table said they had only two trains for a day. Plus, the first train was at 4 o'clock in the morning and the last one was at 9 o'clock in the evening. Don't you think it's too extreme...?

Afterwards, I had to got up early in the morning on the day I left. In exact, I could not sleep at all because the hotel was run by bar. So it's noisy until late night and I had to got up at past 3 o'clock in the morning.
Unfortunately, there was no taxi in the square. So I've gotta walk all the way to the station drawing my luggage. Any way, I got the first train successfully.

However later I knew that Alcazar de SanJuan station, which was next station in 8km distance, had a bunch of trains to Madrid. I didn't read even guide book in those days.
Even now when I see a picture of windmill, I remember the time table with lot of blank.

In the meantime "Don Quijote de La Mancha", I've tried to read this master piece again and again. But it always ended up taking a nap in the middle.
The novel, in which the Don Quijote believes himself as a knight, might be a comedy with little sadness. Although that's my taste, I get boring for too much description. And I can't find out punch line neither. It's something like watching not so funny comedy. It's a long story. Maybe in the last half, it will be turned to be interesting.
After all, "Knight of discount" is much closer to my taste.

May 2010

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" Landscape with windmill " Campo de Criptana, Spain 1993

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