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Men behind women

I wrote about male-dominated society before. "Men's status in the society is higher than women's" those kind of notion still exist many places in the world. However, this is the reason I think the world is so big, there are places in opposite situation. In other words, it's a country where women much more stand out in the society than men. And Ukraine is one of them.

During my stay in Ukraine, I had much more opportunities to see women than men. Certainly, Ukrainian women are beautiful. However, it does not mean I got strong impression just because I always kept my eyes on the beauty. Actually, Ukrainian women take very important role in the society.
Service industry was almost dominated by women. For a bus, a tram and a metro, the operator were women. Ticket booth person, hotel receptionist, they were women. Fast food employee and waitress in the restaurant were usually women. So it's much harder to me remembering where I committed to men in usual situation. Taxi and marshrutska (mini bus) drivers, yes they were men. Carpenters, security persons ... what's else ... otherwise my impression to Ukrainian men was just strolling down the street with beer bottle and cigarette.

"It's said <samba - football - woman> for Brazil. On the other hand, here in Ukraine it's < Beer - cigarette - woman> coincidentally, the last one is same" Someone told me and laughed. But for the "woman" in Ukraine apparently is not only in sexual meanings but also actual work force.
They run the country. The society must not have any functions without them. Now I remember. The prime minister of the country is also female.
It's very tough society for men. But you must be OK because beautiful women might be next to you. On either way, men are behind women after all.

Nov. 2009

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" Tram operator " Donetsk , Ukraine 2009

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