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L'hotel Sobo-Bade vol.3

I change clothes and visit Ristorante Mimosa as I was told by Mice. However I can't find his house around the restaurant. Actually, there is no house in front of it. I get into the restaurant and ask the Italian owner. "Mice's house? Just beside the gate" "Gate?" What does it mean?
So I come back to the gate as the owner said. I find a hut in the darkness. No, actually I should call it "a simple structure with 4 stems and roof" Behind the structure is just wall of the Ristorante Mimosa.
Suddenly, I hear the voice of Mice in it. "Hey Fumi, I'm here. Come on in" It's not like getting into a house but getting into the shade. Because the hut doesn't have even floor, just sandy ground itself. Without any moment, Mice introduce his grandpa to me.
Mice's house is in front of restaurant as he said. But maybe it's better to describe "in the restaurant" It's first time to me visiting the family living in a court yard of Italian restaurant.

Shortly, Alfa comes. Then another friends come and go one after another. Alfa's portable radio is now almost loosing the power although he has been saving the battery. "Hey Fumi, do you have extra battery?" He asks to me. But unfortunately, I'm not such a person who bring AAA batteries all the time.
Once Alfa's radio lost its sound, no sound was left but howling of dogs and surf note. I don't speak Wolof so inevitably we are in long silence. However I like the silence. It has been a peaceful moment to me since I came to Senegal.

Mice is preparing for the first tea. Generally tea served three times in traditional way. A mint tea is boiled with sugar. Then it's poured to the tiny tea glass. Usually, the second and third tee are served without long intervals. But this tea party is just different from usual. The second tea hardly comes out. An hour and half later, the second tea comes out. "The pace is too slow" When I think so, I feel something wrong with my stomach. It's really bad feel like big worm is moving in my stomach. Then I feel nausea. "Gash, wata hell is this?" I get out the hut quickly. It's little bit windy now and I see thousands of stars in the clear sky. I'm refreshed and back to the hut.

But it's just a temporal recovery. Shortly I feel sick again, and later on I don't remember even what I talk about. I only remember somebody said "Hey hurry up Mice! It's too slow"
Yeah, definitely it's too slow. I feel bad. Oh, I really feel bad Mice ... Make the pace up. I wanna finish the third tea as soon as possible and go back to the hotel. I implore in my mind.
After all, the final tea is served almost midnight. We took 3 hours for 3 glasses of tea. I can't believe it. Add to that, I feel so sick that I could reverse the tea which I took 3 hours to drink in 30 seconds.
On the way back, Mice offers for guiding me the village tomorrow. But I reject his request. Thinking about my condition, I should be rest in my room tomorrow. However I think too easy for the sickness as having a quick rest must be enough for it.

Sep. 2009

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" Grand view of Dialao " Toubab Dialao, Senagal 2002

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