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Halfway opened

I was walking outer skirt of Kashgar city, Xingjang region of China, in the twilight. Good smell of cooking dinner hang in the air of residential quarter. A small motor tricycle of vegetable vendor was pulled on the alley, and residents surrounded it. I saluted to the young vegetable vendor and had watched his business for a while. Vegetables on the loading platform had almost gone.
I left there and started walking again. Before long, the vegetable vendor's tricycle caught me up from behind. He said something, pointing the side seat. Maybe he said "Why not take a ride?" I thought I was lucky because I was so tired of long walking.

I sat on the bench seat without any moments. In the oasis of ancient Silk Road, the vegetable vendor's tricycle ran in full speed. It made a huge cloud of dust behind and ran on the aspen avenue. I hanged over my upper body from the tricycle and took his portrait. It was so acrobatic and hard as doing sit-ups on the edge of cliff. But I could not took photos without doing it because the distance was too short. He looked at me again and again with face of proud. It's really interesting that I could get a such a wonderful happening sometimes if I opened up my mind to the people.

Basically, I was an introvert. Therefore I thought I was the last person taking a portrait. However there is a space for improvement if you like it very much. And I liked it, taking a portrait. But I had absolutely no idea how to train it. So I took a workshop which was titled "Psychological Portrait" once. In the workshop, we learned how to communicate with the model from psychological viewpoint. Actually. the workshop had some spiritual atmosphere.

However it's not so easy to understand portrait photography with just 10 week class. After all, I got the useful knowledge by myself during actually taking portrait in the world.
One of important things to take a portrait is "half way open up my mind on purpose" Actually, it's very difficult to understand how much the door should be opened. If it's too much, you could be a victim of burglar. On the contrary if you slum it up, it would be safe but nobody could visit you.

I can say same thing for our life or love, maybe. It should be better to leave unguarded space on purpose. Of course, there are outgoing persons, and they do it without any effort. Oh yeah, I envy them.

May 2009

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