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The scream of Edvard Munch

During photographing in Normandy of France, I thought about a painting. It's Edvard Munch's masterpiece "The scream". According to his memo, it's described like this.
"I was walking with his friend in the twilight of Oslo, Norway. I saw the scenery of the city in bloody red light. Then my mind filled with fear and I screamed"
Maybe I felt some sympathy for the painter when I was walking in the wildness of Normandy. It's hardly reaching to the ignition point as screaming, but I think all the people feel the fear with no meaning sometime.

Describing the fear that I felt in Normandy by the photos was main theme of my work "Sur Dieu". I wanted express my fear in the wilderness of Normandy and link it to God as the universe. What I wanted to describe with this work was not God itself but the scream in my mind. However I finally knew it's beyond of my ability.

As I wrote before "The scream" of Munch got more reality with his memo. I felt just weirdness or darkness for his painting in first impression. However once I read his memo, the meaning of the paintings became more easy to understand.
At the meantime, I put some description for my photo work " Sur Dieu" as Munch did. So, was my work able to describe my inner scream with it?
Unfortunately I could not get good response by the people.

I know I was too immature to accomplish it. But I want to ask you about it once again.
The fear and scarceness was still laid in shallow part of my mind. So it's really tough to me seeing "Sur Dieu".
However when I face to the photos with courage, I feel some sympathy to myself in the works even now.

Feb. 2007

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"Mont Saint Michele" Mont Saint Michele, France 2000

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