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Walkin' on the seaside of La Concha

Once I was interested in Basque, and visited there several times.
Generally, the area around Byonne in France, San Sebastian, Bilbao and Vitoria in Spain was called Basque. It's interesting that the Basque in two countries made one community and has their own culture. And more than that, I was so attracted by the fact that the language of Basque called "Euskadi" has any seminality neither French nor Spanish. When I saw the written words in Basque, it seemed to me a language of Northern Europe.

In Bayonne of French Basque, the culture was flexibly mixed into French society. However, I changed train at Hendaye and once went through the tunnel of hill which was the finger tip of the Pyrenees, it became stronger taste. I was so exiting with that. Donostia (San Sebastian) of Spanish Basque was just over there. I often heard the language of Basque and see the elders who put black beret in the city.

As going west along Biscay coast, Basque taste reached to climax at the city named Bilbao, the capital of Basque country. The Nervion River ran trough the city center. Bilbao in the rain looks so calm and toned down.
Meanwhile my taste was bright character of San Sebastian. The beach called "La Concha (Shell)" made beautiful arch. Charming city was set around it. Most part of the old city was demolished by Napoleon's invasion. So only small area was conserved in the East corner of La Concha. However even in the small area, the old city with stone pavement alley had very antique atmosphere. Plates of bar were delicious without any exception. It's my answer from my experience. Actually, people said to me "San Sebastian is the town of gourmand" with full of proud when I talked to them.

Hors d'oeuvre were various enough. Variety of canapes with fresh seafood, generally called "Pinchos", were lined on the counter. Sushi is quite popular now even in Europe. In those days, I believed it's from this city if the sushi would breaks out. The seafood of San Sebastian was so fresh and tasty.

I ate a lot and was drunk with wine. I walked on the seaside of La Concha listening the sound of surf breaks. Under the antique lights of art deco, the old was talking in the sea breeze. Sea, mountain and town were arranged in sophisticated and charming way. San Sebastian was an ideal city to me.

Jan. 2007

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" La Concha " San Sebastian, Pays Basque, Spain 1997

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