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Halloween at Stuyvesant Place.

Halloween is coming just around the corner. "However for us, Japanese, it seems something like a festival of the country far away" I thought so. But I was told it's quite popular even in Japan now. I heard it's marked as the annual event on the calendar.
Then I remembered that big Halloween parade held in Greenwich village, New York. Well, I'll talk about my first experience of Halloween on this issue.

In the evening, I was preparing for going to see the costume parade of Halloween. In those days, Halloween hadn't had a popularity yet in Japan. (I'm sure for that. ) So I really expected for the first Halloween experience in The States. The costume parade would be nice. But I could have a costume party or parade even in Japan. What I really wanted was serving the children who came to my house saying "Trick or treat!" (I had childish personality. But I didn't mean I wanted to get candies in this case. I wanted take a role as an ADULT. I wanted to pass 'em out the candies)

But...I thought about My apartment on Stuyvesant Place in Staten Island. The apartment had a strong ethnic taste. The curry smell always flew over the hall way. Most of the residents who I met at the entrance hall were in Indian traditional dress, Sally. My neighborhood was Taiwanese student. And of course I'm Japanese. Plus, my room mate was Moroccan. The friends came to my house were Palestine, Senegalese and Yemenis. Some how, I felt the apartment was the farthest place from this Celt originated festival. Of course, I was satisfied with the environment. But only on the day, I hate it just a little bit. It's quite tough situation for having the miracle of "Trick or treat". Nevertheless I'd bought candies at super market. And I prepared for the moment.

After all, a bunch of candies were standing by in the kitchen cabinet on the day.
I had extra time for the ferry to Manhattan. So I listened the radio on the bed. "Knock, knock" I felt somebody had knocked on the door. I turned down the volume of radio. "Knock, knock" Yes, it's knocking the door. I checked out through the door scope. What I saw was the figures of 3 children sticking each other like saying "You first""No, You first" Shortly after....
"Trick or treat!"
Oh, my God honey. "Trick or treat" is coming, darling. Darling! "Trick or treat" is coming'! Of course no darling was there. I was so confused. Then I opened the door. I saw three Indian children in imperfect costume there. I put my palms together in front of my chest and said "Namaste" No, they were not coming to my house for saying"Namaste"today.

I didn't need to be haste. But I was so frightened for sudden attack of "Trick or treat" I went to the kitchen quickly to get the candies. It's very funny. 'Cos I was absolutely confused nevertheless I had expected all of these things.
I put the candies in their bags one by one. At the next moment, they turned away from me and walked up to the door of Taiwanese neighbor. They are real business person.

However I was so happy with that. I was realized that I was in the State by the happening. And I felt I had done the duty as an adult for the first time ever in The United States. With this happy and a little bit funny story, I went to the place of appointment at the Halloween parade.

Oct. 2008

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