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You were unauthorized, but ...

Paris, in the big city, regarding a child as a personality with well balanced sociability, that's the theme of my photo project "souvenirs" However it doesn't mean that the children are always thinking about social issues nor behaving as a matured person. Generally, we call it "Adult" not child.
Whenever I visited the park, I saw the same children's group was playing every day. The others were spinning a top on the canal bank. Meanwhile we got to know each other and made conversation.

At a park, or street corner, the first thing what children did was usually making V sign or funny face. It might be the same all over the world.
Unfortunately, I had to reject their image with most childish face like that for composing the series. (I think it is one of defect for going along with the certain theme)
In another words, I chose the secondary taken pictures in which they got out from excessive excitement in the first contact. In the second picture, some children showed me their personality, and pureness. So, didn't I like their funny face for hiding their embarrassment? Yes, I do. I like it. It's also fascinating to me. It must be their usual figure.

For example, the boy whom I met at Montmartre was one of them. In front of my camera, he made fanny face with full of energy, and ran away without letting me take the second photo. Unfortunately, you were out of my concept. You were unauthorized. But instead of that, I place your portrait here.

Jul. 2006

Today's piece
"Funny face" Paris, France 2001

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