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For the mainland via Chung King Mansion vol.2

The Africans who lined up from the entrance of the guest house, they seemed to be waiting for being issued the Chinese visa to enter the mainland. Next day, when I was passing by the lobby, all guests had been replaced to the new.
This guest house might be the waiting room for the visa office. The lined chairs from entrance must be in the order of application. They arrive at Hong Kong in the night. Next morning, they apply the visa and leave for main land in 5 hours. Which are they looking for business partners or jobs? Where are they going in the mainland? It seemed to be so delicate issue for talking about. That's little bit regrettable to me missing the answer for the question.
When I was in Senegal, I met many people who wanted to go to Japan for working. And, most of them told me "But it's too far and don't have enough money to go" However I've met many Senegalese in Hong Kong. They head for China even if it's over budget. The time is not for Japan but China, I guess.

"Na nga def? (How are you?)" It's the language of Wolof people in Senegal. Every time I was passing through the lobby, I was greeted. "Maa ngi fi rekk(I'm fine)" I replied. I had never imagined I would speak Wolof in Hong Kong. Days before, I talked to Senegalese guests about my experience in Senegal. Since then, I had greeted by every new face in Wolof. Maybe, they gave the basic information about me from person to person.

In the evening of the 3rd day, the guests in the lobby had all gone. The lobby was vacant but Philippine woman employee. She was sitting on the chair alone and having dinner, banana on the rice. "Don't you have any guest today, huh?" I asked her. "No. There is no flight from Africa today. You wanna banana?" She stuck the banana with fork and gave it to me.

As usual, I skipped long waiting line for elevator and climb up the stairs. The feeling getting into the residential section of Chung King Mansion from tenant space is something like getting into a back room of department store... or moving from "stage" to "back stage" This must be the most characteristic point compare to hotel or residential apartment. I see the hotel room next to us through the window. The room service person is working on his routine job.

I'm not student back packer any more. So I don't expect bottom end accommodation. There is the Hong Kong where you could enjoy only in "Sheraton"or "Peninsula" meanwhile there is the Hong Kong experience you could have only in Chung King Mansion. You have diverse choice depend on your style. Anyway, the 11days in Chung King Mansion has passed so quick.

Chunk King Mansion was the miniature of Hong Kong itself. I felt the city had huge capacity. It's much bigger than Tokyo. This city had accepted many people from all over the world as an international city However on the other hand, I felt some anxiety that the city would be filled up and over spilled someday. Contrary to my anxiety, Hong Kong was always flew without making the pool.
"The Africans who left Chung King Mansion, where are they now? And what are they doing, in such a big continent of China?" I was thinking about them.

May 2006

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"Hotel view" Hong Kong, China 2006

Tivaouane Goldfishes in the opposite building It must be them

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