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Scenery of Toledo

If I'm asked "Which Spanish city looks the most Spanish like", my answer is "Toledo". The old town preserves medieval appearance. In the 8th century, Islamic power reached here, and had dominated the town for next 400 years. The town is surrounded by a wall. And once get into the inside, you could be lost in the maze of alley.

"The scenery and map of Toled " is the painting by El Greco. In the 16th Century, a Greek painter Greco came to this city and left many religious painting. However in this work, he described the landscape of Toledo.
To see the grand view of painting, I stay in the Parador (national hotel) on the hill. From the garden, I can see the exact same view as the painting. I see the Tajo river on my foot. The river runs from here, in almost center of the Iberian peninsula, to Portugal, then it changes the name to "Tejo" and flow out to the Atlantic ocean in Lisbon. Beyond the river, it's panorama of Toledo. On the right, I can see the alcazar (fortress) with four steeples. Another steeples on the middle is the cathedral. It might be Santo Tome Church behind of it. Crowded roofs surround it. It's a small universe in the wall.

Out side of the town, the swelling hills of Iberian highland are stretched out to the horizon. The town is lighted up in orange when the sun is setting behind the desolate hills. It's the scene which has repeated thousands of time since days of Greco. In the full of dignity, Toledo has been there without flattering to the time or being left behind the history.
Always seeking brand-new things and throwing away the old things easily, or satisfying with putting new essence in the old town under the name of "Retrospective Modern", I live in a such country. What I felt in the scenery of Toledo is the strong wish and brave for "no changing "

Jan. 2006

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"Toledo" Toledo, Spain 1993

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