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Cinnamon roll

When I was a student in New York, I had an assignment of public interview. It's the interview on certain theme which was decided by each student. My theme was "Health and foods of the American"

One night, I was at the table in the most inner part of doughnut shop and started the interview. Police men, couples, night workers ..... variety of customers came by the midnight doughnuts shop. The shop girl was so cooperative to me. She brought many samples to my table.

At 2 o'clock in the morning, I finished my assignment. According to my interview, 95% of the American who eat doughnut after mid night take care of their health and dietary life. Well, so I should have a midnight cinnamon roll for my healthy life.

The smell of cinnamon and coffee is the scent of America which I image. And I remember the photo when I smell cinnamon. It's neither the photo of doughnut shop nor the cinnamon roll. It's the photo which I took from the terrace of The Grand Central Station, New York.

The Grand Central is a beautiful station which has dignity of history. Slit light from high windows, chandeliers suspended from ceiling, indirect lightings, people passing by, musician, homeless, I loved the atmosphere they maid up.

I could see the all of them from the terrace. After I knew the special seat, I often visited there with my camera. I took photos putting a paper cupped coffee and a cinnamon roll beside me. December, it's really cold when the door opened behind me. But I clearly remembered the image of the people in the soft winter light.

The day I had to leave New York was coming just around the corner. Various emotions in my mind slowly melted into the photo with the aroma of coffee and cinnamon.

Dec. 2005

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" Smell of cinnamon " New York, USA 1992

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