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Red ears

New York is much cooler than Tokyo in summer. Of course, it has hot days with over 30 °C temperature and high humidity. However hot days do not continue for two entire months like Tokyo. The peak of the high temperature in NY might be from the end of July to the beginning of August. NY doesn't have a rainy season. So summer comes earlier than Tokyo. And one day in September, autumn comes suddenly.

That's all from my impression. The climate becomes more unpredictable because of global warming now a days. But, I think there is no objection to the fact that summer is hot either in NY or Tokyo.
And for me, a typical summer scene of NY is a fire extinguisher flushing water. I do not know who started doing those things at first and how it's opened up. But it is sure a fire extinguisher is used in different way from the original purpose.

If it happens in Japan, it became social issue. And a fire extinguisher would be replaced to the sealed one. This is an example that flexibility of the US society works good. The fire extinguisher is usually closed by someone after splashed out tons of water.

In a summer afternoon, I came across a fire extinguisher splashing out water on the street. A mother and son was just beside it. The mother took her child's hand and lead it to the flushing water. In the moment, the water splashed and the ears of child burned in red with the sun shine.

Jul. 2005

Today's piece
"Red ears" NYC, New York, USA 1992

fumikatz osada photographie