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El Concorde pasa

As far as I know, there are two NY beaches which have the access of subway.

One is Coney Island. The small beach in the corner of Brooklyn looks like a small garden. A board walk, a souvenir shop, a hot dog stall, a shrimp fry stand and a sleepy amusement park, it has full of fascination of kitsch. The beach is crowded on the weekend with families and fishermen although it's quiet on week days.

The other beach is farther from the city than Coney Island. It's a sand bar in the offing of JFK air port. Even sandbar, it's a kind of small town which has lot of apartments, inhabitants and the subway service (actually the train run on the ground level down there) The beach is called Rockaway Beach. It's a full-scale beach which is washed by big wave of the Atlantic Ocean and two mile long coast line. I heard that the Northern Atlantic Ocean isn't suitable for swim because of its low temp. water. But, any way, you can swim if you like and there are life guards in the season.

I loved the Rockaway Beach. It also had an attraction when I laid back on the beach. The planes which had just taken off the air port turned above. I had the experience seeing my friend off who's leaving from NY just on the beach.
The plane which had extremely big sound in taking off was Concorde. Two in the morning, the one headed for Paris and the other was for London. It is a one and only experience for me to swim seeing super sonic jets.

Time has gone, the super sonic airplane now became a relic. But comfortable wind must still blow on the beach.

Jul. 2005

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"Concorde beach" Rockaway Beach, New York, USA 1992

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