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Arizona Hotel

Arizona was one of my favorite place in those days. There was the hotel which was named "Congress" in Tucson. The hotel's bar and disco was stopped by local people.

I was 24 years old. A bartender offered me a glass of tequila. I licked salt on my fist then drank it up at once. It's very easy to predict what 's happen next. Yes, I was drunk. I tottered to my room.

I came out from my room through the window. There was a small space like a roof top patio surrounded by the rooms. I laid down on my back. I saw thousands of stars were inlaid over solid black and dried up sky of Arizona. Cooled down desert wind blew on my cheek. Then I was falling asleep.

Tomorrow morning, the 100°F sun will rise up.

May 2005

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"Arizona Hotel " Tucson, Arizona, USA 1989

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